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Today I took over ownership and operations of Windsor Shipping Agency. I have worked closely with Robyn and Windsor Shipping for almost the entirety of my career in the maritime sector and when she mentioned a couple years back she was planning to retire I began working closely with her to ensure continuity in service.

Rather than pivoting to just offering agency services, we are adding agency work to our current offerings. I am far to ensconced in port operations / cargo operations too stop! MCI is now able to offer:

  • Cargo Surveys
  • On/Off Hire Surveys
  • Bunker Surveys
  • Draught Surveys
  • Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Inspections
  • Supercargo / Cargo Superintendent Attendance
  • Local Agent / Protective Agent Coverage
  • etc.

By being able to combine any of the above mentioned services, we’ll be able to provide greater efficiency and continuity during port calls and cargo operations – Need someone to handle arrival/departure formalities? I’m your guy. Need someone to oversee cargo operations? I’m your guy. Ship going off-hire and you need a bunker and condition survey? I’m your guy. Time to test the hatch covers? I’m your guy.

Not sure if I’m your guy? Get in touch ( and we’ll discuss!

Brad Manor – your guy!


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