“Evidence of Wetting, Likely Sea Water Contamination…..”


With Seaway Notice 1 – 2023 being delivered earlier announcing that the opening of the Seaway is just around the corner, it is time to dust off / calibrate / organize our gear to get ready for the upcoming shipping season. Our location on the Great Lakes means we get called quite often for Off-Hire Surveys at the completion of charters (or On-Hire for the start). These empty ship surveys are the ideal time for hatch cover tests as well. We are among a small (and seemingly shrinking) number of Canadian companies offering On-Hire/Off-Hire surveys on the Great Lakes and there are even fewer that offer ultrasonic hatch cover tests.

Do you have ships and/or cargo operations on the Great Lakes this upcoming season? Reach out to us at info@mcimaritime.com to discuss options that best suit your situation and add your port calls to our calendar.



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